SOL Emergency Fire Blanket

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The Emergency Fire Blanket is 100% fiberglass and large enough to wrap around a person or throw over a fire. Unlike a traditional fire extinguisher, it does not expire, does not require training, and does not produce fumes or make a mess. Safe for liquid, grease, and biofuel fires.

• 100% Fiberglass – Flexible flame-retardant fiberglass blanket smothers fires
• No Expiry & Easy to Use – Does not expire, no training required, no fumes, and no mess to clean up
• Highly Visible – Bright red storage pouch with carabiner clip to store in kitchen, vehicle, boat, or camp
• Extinguish Fires – Safe to use on liquid, grease, and biofuel fires. Do not use on electrical fires.
• Standard Size – 47 in x 70 in (120 cm x 180 cm) is large enough to throw over a grill, wrap around a person, or over a campfire

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