Icetrax IT11-T Pro Tungsten Grip Ice Cleats

Brand: Icetrax SKU: 1015522

Size: S/M (Men 5-9 / Women 6.5-10.5)
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Prevent slips and falls this winter with the ICETRAX IT11 Tungsten Pro premium ice cleats. Designed in Canada for harsh winter conditions, these ice grippers feature 11 strategically placed Tungsten Carbide ice cleats combined with their proprietary snow tread traction system for maximum traction on ice and snow. ICETRAX ice cleats help you to walk, run and work more confidently in slippery winter conditions without worrying about slipping.

•    ICE PIERCING TUNGSTEN SPIKES - ICETRAX premium winter ice grips for everyday use with 11 strategically placed Tungsten Carbide cleats provide unparalleled 360° ultimate traction on winter snow and ice. Hardened Tungsten Carbide spikes offer maximum durability and ice piercing capability. ICETRAX helps you to walk, run and work more confidently in slippery winter conditions without worrying about slipping.
•    SECURE FIT - Ergonomic design with StayON toe cap ensures a snug fit of most types of footwear and helps to prevent the ice cleats from falling off or moving around while in use. Superior fitting ice grippers ensures extra stability and safety for the user by securely staying in position on your shoes and boots.
•    EASY TO USE - ICETRAX traction cleats easily slip-on around footwear in seconds. Simply place the toe cap of the traction aids over the front of your shoe/boot, then pull the heel of the grippers over the back of your shoe/boot. When not in use, the snow grips are lightweight and portable enough to be stored compactly.
•    REFLECTIVE HEEL – Ice cleats for shoes and boots with built-in reflective heel for added night-time visibility and safety while walking or running in dark low visibility conditions. The unique reflective panels incorporated into the heels of the crampons help to reflect light from car headlights and streetlamps.
•    DURABLE – Designed to endure heavy use throughout the cold winter months with durable reinforced joints and surfaces made with a special rubber compound which stays strong and retains elasticity in frigid cold temperatures. ICETRAX ice cleats have been tested rigorously in order to ensure that they can withstand use in harsh winter conditions.

*Shoes/boots not included

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