Icetrax Aluminum Trekking Poles

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Improve your outdoor walking and hiking experience with the all new ICETRAX aluminum hiking poles. Not only will these trekking poles help you to add stability and balance on uneven footing, they will also help to reduce fatigue, engage your upper body and protect your knees from impact when travelling downhill. Made of premium 7075 grade aluminum, these ICETRAX hiking poles are lightweight and durable enough to keep up with you for miles and miles to come!

• COMFORTABLE HANDLE WITH STRAP - We know firsthand how important it is to be comfortable while out on a long walk or hike which is why we designed our ICETRAX walking poles with premium cork hand grips coupled with soft padded safety straps. The cork handles are more breathable than other materials and are ergonomically shaped for long-term comfort. The walking poles also include an additional soft EVA foam grip extension below the cork grip for use when traversing difficult terrain.

• COLLAPSIBLE & HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - Help improve your posture by walking with hiking poles that actually fit! Our ICETRAX trekking poles are height adjustable at two joints to ensure a perfect fit based on your height and preferences. Height adjustment is super easy with the printed height guidelines on the poles and Quick Lock System. When not in use, the snowshoe poles can be collapsed to a height of less than 25 inches, making it easy and convenient for storage in your bag, closet or car!

• SECURE QUICK LOCK SYSTEM - Not only is it super easy to adjust the height of the walking sticks, with our Quick Lock System you can rest assured that the poles’ height is securely locked into place. We designed the poles with a slip resistant reinforced locking mechanism and metal clamps which can withstand long periods under pressure. The tightness of the quick locks is easily adjusted by tightening or loosening the knob – simply open the metal clamp and twist the tightness knob!

• ALL TERRAIN ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - The trekking poles include four sets of pole tip accessories to ensure that you are equipped to face a wide range of conditions. From slippery icy streets to snowfields or muddy trails, we’ve got you covered with the included pole accessories! Combined with the pole tip accessories, these walking sticks are extremely versatile and perfect for all sorts of conditions and activities, such as road walking, trail hiking, and snowshoeing!

• Height adjustable from 25" to 54"

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