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The Digital Scale Pro is the ultimate solution for precise and accurate luggage weighing, helping you avoid airline surcharges.

It features advanced features like a built-in spirit level for perfect balance, a large backlit LCD display for clear readings, and a 1m (40”) tape measure. This scale is designed to meet all your weighing needs, allowing you to travel with confidence and eliminate the stress of overweight luggage. Powered by batteries, ensuring you can use it even when there’s no access to electrical outlets.

• Digital Luggage Scale weighs up to 50kgs / 110lbs
• Spirit level for high precision accuracy
• Large backlit LCD display
• Tape measure 1m / 40”
• Automatic power off function

To change the unit measurement:
1.    Press green button to power on.
2.    BEFORE the scale zeroes (sets to 0.00kg), press the green button to cycle between measurement units along the right side of display.
3.    If the scale sets to 0.00 before changing to preferred units, hold green button to power off, and then retry.

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