Fox 40® Classic Boat Safety Kit

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Everything you need for your personal watercraft.  The Fox 40 Classic Boat Safety Kit™ provides the minimum safety requirements for any personal watercraft.

Kit includes:
•    Bailer with mirrored SOS label
•    50 ft (15 m) woven Polypropylene rope + float
•    Fox 40® Classic® Pealess Whistle (115 dB)
•    Water-resistant LED flashlight
•    2AA Duracell® batteries

•    Storage friendly, with contents that can easily be repacked into the bailer
•    The innovative contoured design of the bailer makes it easy to grip and use in an emergency
•    Bailer lid includes important safety tips as well as an internal reflective surface for signalling in an emergency
•    Complies with Coast Guard equipment requirements

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