Corsino Compass Top Tube Bag - FINAL SALE

Brand: Corsino SKU: 1013928

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•    Waterproof Top Tube bicycle bag with 6-inch Touch Screen pocket
•    Reflective logo
•    Hidden earphone exit
•    Waterproof seamless zipper
•    Touch sensitive: TPU transparent plastic surface, clear and easy to operate, fits 6-inch screen, suitable for most smart phones
•    Multi location installation: It can be installed in 5 different locations on the bike with three anti-slip and anti-wear banding belts
•    Package includes: 3 handlebar/stem straps (Length 9.84”, Wide 0.98”), 1 shoulder strap, 1 rain cover for additional rain protection
•    1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

•    Volume: 1.5L
•    Dimensions: 7.87" X 3.54" X 3.94", 20 X 9 X 10cm
•    Weight: 320g
•    Material: PVC, composed of two different textures of waterproof fabrics

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