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The Fire Lite™ Fuel-Free Lighter lets you start fires with the touch of a button. Windproof and waterproof, this USB-rechargeable electric lighter works in all conditions and at any altitude. Dual arcs ignite campfires, stoves, and more on contact. Weighing less than 2 oz., this plasma lighter includes a tinder paracord lanyard and built-in LED light.

• Touch to Ignite – Ignite a fire with the touch of a button
• Waterproof & Windproof – This waterproof lighter works regardless of wind, rain, temperature, or altitude and has a watertight case
• Built-in LED Light – Light your way in the dark with the 100 lumen LED Light
• 3 Ft. Tinder Cord Lanyard – Start a fire in an emergency by exposing the tinder cord's flammable core
• Rechargeable & Fuel Free – The USB-rechargeable electric lighter's lithium battery charges in 2 hours with the included micro-USB and can light over 100 fires
• Ultralight & Compact – The sleek plasma lighter weighs less than 2 oz. and fits in the palm of your hand

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