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Size: 2 L
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Silverwax Foam Load is your best bet for a thorough and effective cleaning of your vehicle.

Foam Load is a concentrated formula based on the latest scientific advances in surfactants, and it produces a rich, creamy foam. 80% of bodywork damage is caused by poor washing techniques and soaps that do not contain enough lubricating agents. Foam load was also designed to offer extreme lubrication, thereby eliminating the risk of micro-scratching.

Silverwax’s Ultra Foam Soap is biodegradable and is a wise option for effective and safe cleaning of your vehicles. It does not damage existing protections such as wax, sealant or ceramic coatings, thanks to its pH regulated, slightly alkaline formulation (pH 9.3).

Not only will you be captivated by its intoxicating scent, but you will be amazed at how evenly Foam Load dries without leaving a deposit on the bodywork.

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