Go Travel Worldwide Adapter + USB-A & USB-C

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Worldwide Adaptor + USB-A & USB-C, suitable for use with 3-pole earthed plugs, this adaptor connects travellers in over 190+ countries worldwide. It features 3 sliding plug faces that alternate between American, British and Chinese/Australian configurations. Simply press the button on top of the travel adaptor, slide out the relevant pins and you’re ready to go. In addition, a detachable Euro adaptor converts 3-pole earthed plugs to fit most European sockets. Ideal for powering devices, the USB-A port provides 2.4A/12W, and USB-C port provides 3.0A/15W auto-regulating power output.

• Worldwide Earthed Adaptor with USB-A & USB-C ports
• USB-A: 2.4A Max./12W & USB-C: 3.0A Max./15W
• Connects travellers in 190+ countries
• Fully certified and approved to BS 8546, IEC 60884 & EN 62368-1
• Connect & charge devices simultaneously
• Replaceable Fuse (2.5A BS1362 approved)

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