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Tilley TWH-4 Sandbanks Hat - CAA Exclusive


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Brand: Tilley

A CAA exclusive!  This unique, environmental & UPF 50+ sun protective fabric blend is great for hot & sunny climates.

• Maximum sun protection - fabric is certified UPF 50+, the highest given
• Water-repellent finish keeps off the rain
• Wind cord secures hat in gusty conditions
• Large eyelets allow for air flow and breathability
• Keep valuables safe in the secret pocket
• Buoyancy – stays afloat in water
• Guaranteed for life
• Made in Canada

Brim size: Front & Back: 2 3/4"; Sides: 2 3/8"
Weight: 3 oz / 85 g

Fabric: 100% Supplex Nylon with a Polyurethane membrane
Care: Machine wash delicate or hand wash. Re-shape by hand. Air dry. Do not bleach. Wash it frequently or non-removable sweat stains will mar it & possibly rot it.


How to Find Your Tilley Hat Size

Step 1

Find a piece of string or a fabric tape measure.  Alternatively, you can use anything flexible that you can wrap around your head.

Step 2

Wrap the tape measure or string straight around your head making sure it sits flat and comfortable, just above your eyebrows.  Make sure you don't measure your head on an angle.

Step 3

Note the number on the tape measure or compare the string measurement to a ruler.

Step 4

Look up the measurement on the chart below to find your Tilley hat size.

Centimetres Inches Tilley Hat Size
56 22 S
57 22-3/8 M
58 22-3/4 M
59 23-1/8 L
60 23-1/2 L
61 23-7/8 XL
61.5 24-1/4 XL
62.5 24-5/8 2XL