The Good Dog Bungee Leash with Seatbelt Clip

Brand: The Good Dog SKU: 1017250

Colour: Red
Member: $38.99 Non-member: $39.99
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The bungee leash with seatbelt clip is the ultimate walking leash, whether it’s for outdoor walks or a road trip. This is probably the best walking leash in the world and we are proud of it! Designed with a clip for the automobile belt buckle, you can ensure the safety of your dog during car rides.

•    An elastic bungee to prevent hits to the neck and chest
•    Reflective material for visibility at night
•    Ultra-resistant steel carabiner
•    Recall handle for emergency situations giving you better control
•    Steel ring for installing a poop bag dispenser
•    Cushioned handle for unmatched comfort
•    4 feet long

•    Weight: 36 g    
•    Dimensions: 7.5 × 3 × 2 in

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