Sock Atomica Binge Watch Socks

Brand: Sock Atomica SKU: 1015815

Size: Small Shoe
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Be a HERO...wear cotton socks.

Comfy, natural, non-stinky, sustainable. The weave includes virgin regenerated cotton for sustainability and zero waste. Made by their family-run weaving house in Turkey.

Socks should be fun, right? Wear a smile on your feet!

•    High-needle knitting for superbly soft socks
•    80% natural cotton for the freshest feet in the galaxy
•    15% polyester and 5% elastane for fit and elasticity
•    Wear-resistant calf band...tug away!
•    Comfort stitched for cozy toes
•    Y-stitched heel for a solid grip
•    Sustainable cotton gives these socks an awesome weaver-y look!

•    SMALL SHOE:  Unisex 36-40 | Women's 5.5-9.5 | Men's 4.5-7.5
•    BIG SHOE:  Unisex 41-46 | Women's 10-12.5 | Men's 8.5-13

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