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Safe to Go Family Roadside Travel Emergency Kit


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Brand: Falconbrooke

Protect your family on the road or on vacation with Falconbrooke’s Emergency Kit. This zippered carry bag holds a 41-pc first aid kit along with a reflective triangle for safety and visibility. You’ll never want to travel without this kit!

•    10 LED Headlamp
•    3 AAA Batteries
•    Tire Gauge
•    41 pc First Aid Kit
•    Comfort Kneeling Pad
•    Utility Knife
•    Whistle with Lanyard
•    Siphon Pump
•    Safety Vest
•    Pair of Knit Work Gloves
•    Elastic Tie Down Cord
•    Hose Tape
•    Emergency Rain Poncho
•    Help Flag
•    All packed in a Zippered Carry Bag with Reflective Triangle