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RainCaper Inverted Umbrella - Tiffany Magnolia


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Brand: RainCaper

Enjoy fashion and function, rain or shine! Going places? Be prepared – a chic and stylish umbrella is the perfect travel accessory whether you are running errands, commuting, on a bus excursion or travelling the world.  Get the conversation started with an inverted umbrella – the topsy turvy umbrella concept is taking the world by storm because it captures rain in an innovative way. The newest notion in a rain umbrella, the upside-down or inside-out umbrella folds in such a way that cars and floors stay dry, making it a breeze to get in and out of a car and arrive in style. Even better, the reverse umbrella stands on its own, so it won’t get lost as you go about your busy day.  The unique handle offers a hands free option allowing you to text, talk and travel in style!

•    Inverted umbrella with hands-free handle lets you hold a phone, bag or drink
•    No more damp devices, soggy purses or wet car seats
•    Unbreakable fiberglass ribs
•    Double canopies hide ribs; won’t snag hair
•    Design is visible both inside and on top of umbrella
•    Windproof & Rainproof
•    Large 48” arc offers maximum coverage
•    Convenient self-standing design
•    Premium quality
•    Lifetime Guarantee
•    Weighs just 1.1 lbs
•    Reverse (inside-out) Stick Umbrella is 31.5” long