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Mixture Wool Dryer Balls - ONLINE ONLY


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Brand: Mixture

Look forward to laundry day!  Treat your clothes and linens to earth-friendly cleanliness. Naturally soften fabric and reduce static and drying time with these 100% wool balls.  Add 4-6 fragrance drops per wool ball, then place in dryer.  Use 3-4 balls for small to medium loads, and 5-6 balls for larger loads.

• 6 x 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls
• 2 fl. oz. fragrance oil included
• All Natural.  No bleach, dye or phosphates
• Non-toxic
• Lasts for approximately 1000 loads!

Fragrance Notes:

Freshly laundered. Clean ozone supported by modern wood accord. Musk on the finish.
The Mixture Difference:
Mixture products are always handmade in small batches in a production facility outside Kansas City. We use the most luxurious fragrances we can find to mix with our products. We want to create a mood, stir a memory, or simply help you relax.
We have always stuck by our original philosophy to give our customers the best possible products while focusing on improving the environmental footprint of our planet. We use the very best naturally derived renewable ingredients whenever possible. If we are unable to find these natural ingredients, we rely on items from the realm of safe synthetics.  Our products and fragrances are never tested on humans.