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Life Gear Safe Night Nightlight + Flashlight


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Brand: Dorcy

The Safe Night Nightlight + Flashlight features an automatic dusk till dawn nightlight which automatically comes on when it’s dark and automatically turns off when light is detected. The built in power failure feature means the light turns on automatically when the power goes out or the light is unplugged, making it easy to find in an emergency. When unplugged, the built in plug folds back and the light becomes a grab and go emergency flashlight with an extended run time. The rechargeable lithium ion battery automatically recharges when the light is plugged in, ensuring it is always ready for an emergency or power outage. Place this light in bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, or anywhere you need a nightlight, and rest easy in knowing emergency light is nearby.

●    Plug in power failure flashlight & nightlight
●    Rechargeable lithium ion battery
●    Automatic dusk until dawn nightlight
●    Auto-on during power failure, easy to find
●    Fold back plug and use as extended run time flashlight

Dimensions:  3.74”L x 1.1”W x 7”H
Weight:  0.14lbs