Austin House Face Mask Filter Inserts 10-Pack

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Austin House Mask Filters 10 pack are PM 2.5 filters that feature 5 layers of protection.  You can keep you and your community safe with these PM 2.5 mask filters with an activated carbon layer that efficiently blocks floating airborne droplets, dust, pollution, and some allergens.  Remember to always handle your filters with clean hands. The efficiency of filtration will rely on a good fit of the mask. Keep Safe!  

•    10 pack of PM 2.5 filters fits into the insert of reusable face masks
•    This PM2.5 mask filter features 5 layers of protection
•    Activated carbon layer efficiently blocks floating airborne droplets, dust and particles, some air pollutants and many types of pollen
•    This is a general-purpose mask kit, not a medical device
•    Efficiency of filtration will rely on a good fit of the mask
•    Depending on the usage and surroundings exposed to, it is recommend to replace filters worn 3 full days

Care Instruction for Filters:
1. Once used, the filter should be discarded in regular garbage
2. Do not re-use

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