Along Florida's Expressways, 4th edition

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By: Dave Hunter

Unlike the typical Florida guidebook, Along Florida's Expressways is not a destination travel guide. Instead, author Dave Hunter helps anyone drive around the state with the ease, comfort and safety, using local knowledge as if they've lived there for many years.


Known and respected for his award-winning travel book, Along Interstate-75, Dave's Florida driving guide picks up where his other book leaves off. Featuring seventy-seven 25-miles-per-page full-colour maps, this book includes detailed information for all of Florida's interstates, expressways and toll routes, along with Dave's personal observations and suggestions . . . not to mention his fascinating trivia.


Packed with information gathered from locals and accumulated over 48 years of Florida travel, Along Florida's Expressways useful road information not only includes gas stations, restaurants, and lodgings available at each exit (even which side of the road they are on), but also pinpoints rest areas and much more.


Every two-years, Dave and his wife, Kathy, drive over 5,000 miles to personally gather the material for the next edition of this book. That's every Florida expressway and toll route in both directions! Each current edition of the book is supported with a "reader's only" website where major updates to the current book's information are posted.


But the book is not only for those who drive to Florida via I-75, it is also for the Florida Fly-Drive crowd - those who fly to Florida and rent a car to tour the State. Whether from the Midwestern states or huge Florida-bound markets such as the UK or Germany, they love the local information this book provides and many make sure they pack a copy in their flight bag before leaving.


Along Florida's Expressways is completely updated every even numbered year.


Rest assured that with Dave in the car, any journey on Florida's expressways is guaranteed to be a safe, fun and informative drive.


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