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Enjoy the outdoors and keep your neck warm from the elements as a scarf, and protect yourself from unwanted dust and particles as a face cover. The Pacsafe Neck Gaiter is treated with Polygiene® Stay Fresh and Polygiene Odor Crunch, to keep you and the neck gaiter free from smell and bacteria. Stay fresh, and wash less.

Wear 2-ways
Wear it as a scarf or face cover

Easy Adjust
Elastic cuff for a snug fit

Polygiene Stay Fresh
Protection against body odors and more. Based on a silver salt solution. Sweat, heat and humidity is nourishment for bacteria and they will grow and die in ever-increasing numbers. Absorbing, hiding, or delaying will fail at some point. This treatment simply makes it impossible for them to multiply. The result – it stops the odor at the source to make your items stay fresh, and it works for the lifetime of the garment.

Polygiene Odor Crunch
Odor control that simply is based on a sand and water solution. Environmental odors such as cooking fumes and cigarette smoke tend to stick to your garments. But once the odor molecules have stuck to the modified silica particles in Odor Crunch, they will be crunched and cracked to smaller odorless molecules and the odor is eliminated for the lifetime of the garment.

Material:  Cotton polyester jersey knit, treated with Polygiene Odor Crunch and Polygiene Stays Fresh
Weight:  0.13 lb / 0.06 kg
Dimensions:  (H x W x D):11.8 x 11 x 0.3 in / 30 x 28 x 0.8 cm

*Not intended for medical applications.

*Final Sale. Due to the hygienic nature of this item, we cannot accept exchanges or returns.

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