Nite Ize Steelie® Orbiter® Dash Kit

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This powerful magnetic phone mounting system allows you to easily attach, detach, and rotate your phone on the Dash Mount. The low-profile metal plate adheres to your phone or case, creating a secure magnetic connection with the Orbiter Magnetic Socket. By combining high-friction materials with magnetic strength, the Orbiter keeps your phone secure and accessible.

•    Dash Mount adheres to dash using strong, removable 3M® VHB® adhesive
•    Orbiter Magnetic Socket features a powerful neodymium magnet to create a secure hold between the Dash Mount and metal plate
•    Silicone center of Orbiter Magnetic Socket and dash ball shape allow smooth adjustment and rotation for the perfect viewing angle
•    By combining magnetic strength with a high-friction phone docking surface, phones stay confidently attached to the Orbiter magnetic phone mounting system
•    Low-profile metal plate attaches to phone or case using 3M® 300LSE adhesive
•    Orbiter Magnetic Socket is compatible with all Steelie mounts
•    Includes: Dash Mount, Orbiter Magnetic Socket, Metal Plate

Please note: The Steelie Orbiter Magnetic Socket contains a strong magnet. This magnet will NOT damage your mobile device; however, do not place it near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers, or computer hard drives.

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