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MapArt Canada Road Atlas


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Brand: MapArt

Full colour, up-to-date, comprehensive 2020 road atlas of Canada covers Canada from coast to coast.

This is a must-have for navigation and an essential for road safety for tourism or simply day-to-day. Keep an atlas in your car for back up, you won't regret it!

A road atlas on a long trip also provides fun for kids as they can track where they've been and where they're going, it serves as a terrific memento of any family vacation.

Features include:
• National Canada map
• National United States map
• Maps of all provinces and territories
• City center maps
• National Historic Sites listing and checklist
• Provincial flags
• National Parks
• Provincial Parks
• Skiing
• Campgrounds
• Hospitals
• Border Crossings
• Ferries
• Time zones
• Community index of Canada
• Bilingual